Upload of Fetch-Xml report fails with VB Code – Dynamics CRM

This is a quick reference to keep things in mind while writing VB code on Fetch-Xml based SSRS reports. You need to avoid using below functions otherwise you wont be able to upload your reports to Dynamics CRM Online.

Currently these are the Namespaces allowed for you to use in your VB code:

In these Namespace following functions are denied:
Acos, Add, Addition, AddMilliseconds, AddMonths, AddSeconds, AddTicks, AddYears, AppActivate, Asin, Atan2, Beep, BigMul, CacheSize, CallByName, capnames, caps, capsize, capslist, Ceiling, Choose, Command, Compare, CompareTo, CompileToAssembly, Cosh, CreateObject, DateString, DayOfWeek, DayOfYear, Days, DaysInMonth, DeleteSetting, DivRem, Duration, E, Empty, Environ, Equality, Equals, Erl, Err, ErrorToString, Escape, factory, Filter, Finalize, Finalize, Fix, FromBinary, FromDays, FromFileTime, FromFileTimeUtc, FromHours, FromMilliseconds, FromMinutes, FromOADate, FromSeconds, FromTicks, GetAllSettings, GetChar, GetDateTimeFormats, GetGroupNames, GetGroupNumbers, GetHashCode, GetObject, GetSetting, GetType, GetTypeCode, GreaterThan, GreaterThanOrEqual, GroupNameFromNumber, GroupNumberFromName, Hours, IConvertible.ToBoolean, IConvertible.ToByte, IConvertible.ToChar, IConvertible.ToDateTime, IConvertible.ToDecimal, IConvertible.ToDouble, IConvertible.ToInt16, IConvertible.ToInt32, IConvertible.ToInt64, IConvertible.ToSByte, IConvertible.ToSingle, IConvertible.ToType, IConvertible.ToUInt16, IConvertible.ToUInt32, IConvertible.ToUInt64, IEEERemainder, InitializeReferences, InputBox, Int, IRR, IsDaylightSavingTime, IsDBNull, Iserializable.GetObjectData, IsError, IsLeapYear, IsMatch, Kind, Lbound, Lset, Matches, MaxValue, MemberwiseClone, Millisecond, Milliseconds, Minutes, MinValue, MIRR, MsgBox, Negate, NextMatch, NPV, Options, Parse, ParseExact, pattern, PI, Pow, ReferenceEquals, Result, RightToLeft, roptions, Rset, SaveSetting, Seconds, Shell, Sinh, SpecifyKind, Subtract, Subtraction, Switch, Synchronized, SystemTypeName, Tanh, TicksPerDay, TicksPerHour, TicksPerMillisecond, TicksPerMinute, TicksPerSecond, Timer, TimeString, ToBinary, ToFileTime, ToFileTimeUtc, ToLocalTime, ToLongDateString, ToLongTimeString, ToOADate, ToShortTimeString, TotalDays, TotalHours, TotalMilliseconds, TotalMinutes, ToUniversalTime, Truncate, TryParse, TryParseExact, Ubound, Unescape, UseOptionC, UseOptionR, VbTypeName, Zero

So, if you are having problem uploading Fetch-Xml reports to CRM Online then it might be a good starting point for debugging.

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