Open SSRS reports (designed outside Dynamics Ax) in Dynamics Ax

Dynamics Ax provides rich set of reporting capabilities for both end users and developers.

By default Dynamics Ax does not support opening the SSRS reports (created through Report Builder or without using Dynamics Ax reporting tools) in Dynamics Ax itself, instead you can only view these reports on your browser by typing the full report web address.

So, here is the workaround to open SSRS reports in Dynamics Ax created through SSRS Report Builder or any other tool.
Note: It is assumed that you have already created the SSRS report through report builder from Dynamics Ax.

Step 1

Create the following Job in Dynamics Ax.

This job opens a form based on our custom display menu item.

Step 2

Create a display type menu item with the following properties.

  • Name: rahSRSReportView
  • Label: SSRS Report Viewer
  • ObjectType: Form
  • Object: SRSReportView
This menu item points to a standard Dynamics Ax form.

Step 3

Create an action type menu item with the following properties.

  • Name: rahItemConfigSSRS
  • Label: Our custom SSRS report
  • ObjectType: Job
  • Object: rahSRSReportView
  • Parameters: 

This menu item is used to run our job with the name of SSRS report as input parameter.

Note: In parameters property only provide report name that is saved in your dynamics report folder on report manager. If you have created your own folder under Dynamics than provide report name as CustomFolder/ReportName.

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Rahul Sharma
Rahul is a technology enthusiast, solutions architect, trainer, and blogger, working on various Microsoft and open source solutions with more than 18 years of industry experience. He specially takes interest in designing enterprise applications, cloud integrations, IoT, and other architecture rich business solutions.


  1. You're over complicating it. Upload the report to your report server with all of your other AX reports, then create an output menu item, choose object type of "SQLReportLibraryReport" for your menu item, and in the Object property field, type the name of your report (without the *.rdl) and save. Intellisense most likely will not work, and it will be white after you type, but move to the next line and it should stick. Launch the menu item and it should work.

  2. IS this for AX 2012? It states that my object must define a design name. I m using 2012.

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