Dynamics Ax Workflow (IIS 7 64 bit – Http error 405 – Http error 404.17)

This is the error you receive while trying to access ASMX web service from Windows 7 64-Bit / Windows 2008 Server 64-Bit and IIS 7.

If you try to validate Dynamics Ax 2009 workflow web service from Ax, you receive below error.

The request failed with HTTP status 405: Method Not Allowed.

When you validate workflow from Dynamics Ax, it actually tries to invoke ping method on AxWorkflowInstance.asmx web service. If successful, returns true else false.

And if you try to browse this ASMX web service directly, most probably you will hit the error mentioned below…

HTTP Error 404.17 – Not Found
The requested content appears to be script and will not be served by the static file handler.

Now seeing this error it should be clear that there is some problem with the http handler of your web application.

To resolve this do following two things:

Step 1: Set application pool correctly.
Set “Enable 32-Bit Application” property to true in the advance settings of your application/virtual directory’s application pool.

Also make sure that application pool is running in Classic mode and on 2.0 version of the .NET Framework.

Step 2: Check if you have 32 bit mapping for ASMX files.

  • Open Handler Mappings of your site, application or virtual directory. This is the place where you setup all ISAPI extensions and native modules.
  • Check for 32 bit WebServiceHandlerFactory-ISAPI-2.0 ISAP mapping for all ASMX files. Create one if does not exist by clicking on Add Module Mapping…

    Click yes on the dialog box.

    You can also add it manually to the web.config of your web application. In this case Ax workflow application (C:Program FilesMicrosoft Dynamics AX50Workflow). Setting is…

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  1. Thanks for the good instructions and clear explanation. It saved my hide.

  2. Ole ahi tus huevos!!!!!!!! —-> It's a spanish expression that means you're great…

    About 3 hours tying to solve this problem until i found your blog… 10 minuts and issue solved…

    Great Rahul… very helpful your post, clear, concise and perfect… you saved me…

    Thanks, Thanks, Thanks a lot…

    As i say in spanish.. "Gracias Totales…"

    PS: Excuse my english… is very pour..

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