Add new Context Menu in AOT to Browse Table with Grid Toolbar – Dynamics AX

In this article we will see how we can extend Dynamics AX table browser to have standard grid toolbar like all other Dynamics AX forms. We will also create a new context menu in AOT > Data dictionary > Table > Add-Ins, called “Table browser – Advance”, which will show us our advanced table browser and the default Table browser context menu command will show standard table browser as usual.

This is how our advance table browser will look like:

Our context menu will look like this:

The AX project with all the modifications (bold nodes) we need to do can be found at the end of the post.

SysTableBrowser class contains necessary modifications to handle toolbar display and related code.

RahSysTableBrowser display menu item points to SysTableBrowser class such that it can be used to call with advance options.

SysContextMenu class contains validation to display our menu item only for tables and views.

SysContextMenu menu handles the Add-Ins context menu.


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