My Last Day at Tectura, India

As many of you probably know, today is my last day. But before I leave, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what a great and distinct pleasure it has been to type “Today is my last day.”

When I started to think what to write here, the first thing came into my mind is why I am calling it last working day… Hmmm… But I think rather than saying “my last working day at Tectura”, I would say, “going on long vacation”… who knows if we meet again and I might have more things to share with you all from my new challenging and excited role in New York, US. 😉

I still remember when I joined Euroinfo (EIS, now Tectura) in June 2005 for .Net and was really very happy not just for the opportunity I got but some life time friends I am going to make here. But to be very frank when I came to know that instead of .Net I need to work on some silly ERP product from Microsoft called Axapta (first time I heard in my life about this product here)… you know it felt like you are in Formula F1 racing with a vintage car. I love working on Microsoft technologies but at that time it seems like how one can start afresh with a new product where all existing experience is going to be nullified.

But now I realize and advice all that sometime you may not get what you desire but always remember that whatever happens, happens for good. And as I spent some more time in Tectura, I got more opportunities to get other MS technologies talk to Ax. I still remember when I first did my Ax 3.0 integration using web services and when I did world’s first Ax 2009 upgrade…it was amazing. And now it’s interesting to see that MS is moving towards .Net and integrating more n more core MS products with Ax. If you think about Dynamics Ax 2009 or 2011, you think developing Ax EP on SharePoint with Visual Studio (C#), integrating virtually any other system with Ax using Biztalk, SSIS, WCF (Services), MSMQ, XML and ofcourse creating really complex reports on SSRS. All Ax guys fasten up your seat belts and be ready to take joy ride on Dynamics Ax 2011.

I will continue to write and share all my technical – personal experience at

So, it was really my pleasure to work with you all at Tectura. I really had a good time working here, it was more like fun with work… I will always remember some of the events we had here at Tectura. Yes, my favourate is MS Dynamics Day and of course it’s not because I organized it 😉 ….

Table Tennis Tournament

Independence Day of India

I know you all non – Tecturians must be thinking to join Tectura but please I am not HR person writing this to attract you….

So, at the end I would really thank all my fellow Tecturians for being with me and helping me whenever I required.

As I said, we all will remain in touch and I would be more than happy if we can share our thoughts at

I know I am going to miss you all in due course of time and will cherish the memories which are to keep forever.

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